You have probably read about manuka honey lately, but do you know the five health benefits of manuka honey?

First the basics, manuka honey, also spelled ‘mānuka’, is a monofloral type of honey. Manuka has a distinctive florid, oily and herbaceous flavor. It is produced by the European Honey Bee from flowers of mānuka or tea tree. These flowers grow naturally in New Zealand and parts of southeastern Australia. This means that almost all mānuka honey is produced in either New Zealand or Australia.

The main characteristic of manuka honey? It’s thixotropic properties, meaning that it has the consistency of a gel in liquid form and becomes more fluid when shaken. Because of this property, in the 1950’s it was considered a low-quality honey and beekeepers tried to avoid collecting it because its consistency made it hard to collect. However, things have changed and manuka honey is now considered for its properties and texture. Let’s take a look at the 5 main benefits of manuka honey below:

  1. Energy

It gives you the boost in energy you require – either for sport activities or just for everyday life in general. This honey is packed with nutrients and calories and can give you that plus that you require.

  1. Treat Sore Throat and Coughing

A recent study has shown that manuka honey helps in stopping the growth of strep bacteria causing sore throat in addition to reducing possible inflammations of the throat.

  1. Sleep

Adding honey to a glass of warm milk at bedtime helps the body relax and release melatonin into the brain, an important hormone affecting sleep quality and duration. In addition, the ingestion of manuka honey also helps with the slow release of glycogen needed for essential body functions during sleep.

  1. Hair and Skin

Pure, organic manuka honey when used in a homemade face wash or shampoo, is the perfect natural alternative for curing acne and other skin infections. Since it is a natural moisturizer, use it in a face wash to exfoliate your skin, and prevent excessive dryness. Use it also in a hair mask to give you hair that amazing shine!

  1. Digestion

A spoon of pure manuka honey is helpful in reducing low stomach acid and acid reflux. A recent study has shown that Clostridium difficile to be susceptible to the bactericidal effects of manuka honey. In addition, manuka honey is natural pre-biotic which is important for nurturing the good bacteria of your gut, which in turn will help the digestive system re-balance itself.

On the downside, do not forget that honey is a natural form of sugar, and if, for example, you suffer from diabetes, you should be aware of this.

Finally, be very wary of where you are buying your mānuka honey! Worldwide only some 1700 tons are produced annually, whereas there are 10.000 tons sold globally.  This means that much of the manuka honey sold worldwide is counterfeit or is simply regular honey. So, make sure you check the origins of the honey with your seller! That way, you’ll have all the essential benefits of manuka honey from a quality source.

In the meantime time, feel free to enjoy your earthy flavored mānuka honey!

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